Interior Magazine Featuring Inside Design


Inside Design is one of my regular clients. Last year I had the pleasure of photographing a couple of their unique and innovative furniture pieces that are part of their Wellington studio.

This work has been featured in this months issue of Interior Magazine.  One of my images was used as a nice big double page spread! Congratulations to Neville and the team at Inside for the feature. They are a creative bunch that push the boundaries with their designs and provide unique opportunities for photography.  

Below is the double page spread from Interior Magazine:


The shot above was tricky. Neville at Inside wanted to show the translucent qualities of the perspex desk by making it glow. The only way to do this was by creating a composite. To show you what I was up against here is a test shot of what the studio usually looks like:


From this image you can see that the light above the table is over exposed and blown out and that the studio table is just as bright as the work area in the background. So the challenge is to make the table glow and have it as the main feature in the room.  Thankfully Neville is patient as this took awhile to figure out. 

I decided that the only way to do it was to rely solely on artificial light. We started the shoot just after sunset and lit the main room with a giant 7 foot octobox. This provided a gentle fill light over the entire studio to ensure that I would not lose shadow detail. 

After I had this positioned correctly I used speed lights to make the desk glow. These were positioned directly under the desk on a wide zoom setting to provide an even light. I used flags that I made out of corflute to stop the light from spilling onto the back wall.  


It was a little tricky to get the balance right but you can see in the image above that the ocotobox and speedlights are working relatively well together. We have a glowing desk and shadow detail. The light on the desk is not as even as I hoped and there are a few distracting elements in the background, however these were all fixed in post.

The final step was to take the two images above and combine them in Photoshop to remove the speedlights and balance the lighting. The final image (which appeared in Interior Magazine) is below.