Canon 70-200 f4 IS Lens Test - Coromandel

What a fantastic lens. Razor sharp, quick auto focus and punchy colour make this a real winner.

I bought this for architecture work for when I am shooting a buidling/house etc within a large landscape. When you can get back from the subject far enough to shoot at 200mm you compress the scene which enables you to fit more of it into the shot. This is a pretty technical concept which I will discuss in a blog post at a later date. 

I bought this lens over the F2.8 version as it is over half the price and no where near as heavy! 

I took these photos on Queens Birthday weekend in the Coromandel. These were all taken while sitting in traffic on the return trip to Auckland. It was nice to sit back and have someone else drive for a change. The scenery and light was incredible. 

Below are a few more from the trip. Every shot other than the last one (which was taken on the Canon 24mm TS-E shift lens) were also taken on the 70-200mm lens.