Newsletter November/December

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I have kept myself fairly busy over the last couple of months, one highlight was working with Athfield Architects and Willis Bond & Co to photograph the incredible Clyde Quay Wharf Apartments on the waterfront. This landmark development is one that will be remembered - the attention to detail and sheer scale of this project is truly magnificent and it is rightfully positioned as an icon on the Wellington landscape. Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming issue of ArchitectureNZ for a full rundown. 

Massey University

I have now completed my small teaching stint at Massey University. It was fantastic to be able to provide professional insight into the business side of photography. There are some talented individuals coming through that will no doubt make a mark in what is a tough industry.

NZIA Awards - OPEN!

Entries are now open for the New Zealand Architecture Awards. Avoid the last minute rush; get in touch to squeeze in a shoot before the Christmas break.

Holiday Break

This year I am away from the 24th of December until the 12th of January. I have a fantastic South Island adventure planned including Akaroa, Arthur's Pass and the the West Coast. We have booked some intriguing accommodation in some really remote locations - a couple that don't even have power! I am excited to unwind a little but also look forward to sharing with you some of the personal work that will eventuate from this trip. 

IESANZ New Zealand Lighting Awards

Earlier this year I worked on a big project with LDP Ltd in preparation for their IESANZ New Zealand Lighting Awards Submission. This work was featured in a previous newsletter which you can view here. LDP did exceptionally well, appearing on stage more than any other company! Their awards included:

Award of Excellence: Avantidrome Velodrome Track Lighting

Award of Excellence: Wynyard Crossing Bridge

Award of Commendation: St Patrick’s Square and Cathedral Exterior

Spider Awards 2014

I have been focusing more on my personal work and professional profile recently. With that I am mind I am entering a number of photography competitions both locally and internationally. In the Black & White Spider Awards last month I was honoured to receive nominations for three of my images, one of which featured the beautiful Undulatus Lamp by the team at Inside Design.

Nominee in Architectural | Bella Desgagnes 

Nominee in People | Times Square - New York

Nominee in Still Life | Undulatus Lamp


 Featured Shoot


When I was travelling late last year I had a short stopover in Los Angeles on my way to Montreal. Despite the huge hassle that is LAX airport, I decided to rent a hotel for half a day, drop off my luggage and take the opportunity to visit the Getty Museum. I went there to view the extensive photography collection and knew nothing of the incredible building. 

It is stunning. Designed by Richard Meier this building was constructed with 1.2 million square feet (16,000 tons) of Travertine stone that was shipped from Bagni di Tivoli, Italy. In the end I spent only about an hour looking at the exhibitions and at least three exploring and photographing the building.

For more information about the building please visit:

Recent Projects

Red Rock - Alaska Interiors 

Riversdale Bach - Herriot & Melhuish

Masterpet Warehouse - Masterpet 

Regent Apartments - Boffa Miskell

Do you have questions about photography?

Please flick me an email and let me know any questions you have. I will reply to all emails and select a few to feature in my next newsletter. Below are a couple of questions I am often asked by my clients.

Which camera should I buy?

The internet is full of confusing and sometimes misleading information about cameras that is often slanted in a particular manufacturer's favour. It is hard to know where to look and what information to trust - and there are so many options! Rather than recommend a specific camera, as this is very subjective, I thought it best to provide you with the key websites I consult when researching a new camera.

These websites cover all the areas for me: - Independent professional review
This website is great. It gives you in-depth reviews of cameras including side-by-side comparisons. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed by the reviews skip to the conclusion page for a succinct summary. - Critical scientific review of the camera including sensor
This is the website that every other review website refers too. It scientifically measures the camera's performance, including, most importantly, the camera sensor. This website can be a little complicated. Make sure that you take a moment to read the sections that explain how it all works. - User review
There is nothing quite like hearing feedback from people that are using these cameras on a daily basis in real world applications. This is my final port of call when researching gear. B&H has to be one of the biggest and well known photography stores in the world.

If you go onto the B&H website and search for the camera you are looking for you will see a review section on the product page. Click into that to see positive and negative reviews. I have found these extremely helpful. Make sure you read through a few as some of the feedback is questionable.

Finally, I would always recommend physically holding and playing around with the camera prior to purchase. Sometimes it just will not feel right and for me that is enough to put it back. If you want to stay in the know with the latest cameras as they are released then I would recommend signing up to This photography news site is full of little tricks, tips and the latest releases.

Personal Work

Eastern State Penitentiary - Philidelphia

This historic and famous building is a must see if you are ever in Philadelphia. It is one of the most famous prisons in the word largely because its revolutionary and controversial design embodied a philosophy that abandoned corporal punishment. The prison opened in 1829 and was operational until 1971. It was spared from development and many areas have been left largely untouched since its closure. It is now run by a not for profit which is dedicated to protecting its historical status. This photo is part of my submission into the 2014 International Colour Awards. 

For more information please vist:

This is the the last newsletter for 2014. Thank you to all my clients for a fantastic year. I hope you all get the chance for some quality rest and relaxation over the break. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and safe travels. See you in 2015!