Timelapse Camera Systems

Record your project in its entirety, start to finish with up to date daily timelapse videos for your website. Not only is this a great record it can also be used for monitoring site progress, keeping key stakeholders informed and is a great resource for marketing.

This time-lapse system is automated and designed to run over extended periods of time — perfect for long term construction projects. As images are captured they are stored locally on the onboard hard drive and uploaded to a web page. The web page will show photos as they are shot as well as daily time-lapse videos and a time-lapse video of the project to date.

Please get in touch to discuss how a timelapse system can be incorporated into your next project. 



With built in redundancies you can be sure you data is safe


24/7 New Zealand support



Upload footage in real time direct to your website


Keep an eye on your project 24/7 with our livestream options

High Quality

Full HD playback: 1920x1080P

Solar Power

Solar powered options available for remote locations



Run the system for days, months or years on a schedule that suits you


The systems are fully waterproof and built for the outdoors